Beyond DHCP - Work Your TCP/IP Internetwork with Dynamic IP

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Beyond DHCP — Work Your TCP/IP Internetwork with Dynamic IP explores

important network design issues for today’s modern mixed intranets. The

authors discuss many different platforms, including Windows 95, Windows

98, Windows NT, OS/2 Warp, OS/2 Warp Server, AIX, Macintosh, WorkSpace

On-Demand, Linux, Solaris, and others. The book examines how to connect

these systems in a reliable, flexible, high-performance TCP/IP network.

When confronted with thorny TCP/IP problems, network specialists, support

staff, network managers, and other technicians, can refer to this book to

troubleshoot network outages and to prevent them from recurring. The

authors emphasize cost-effective remote management and dynamic setup,

providing real world examples of DHCP and DDNS technologies applied to

roaming users, intelligent Web browsing, software distribution, printing, PPP

dial-up, and other network needs.


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