ADAPTOR (Automatic DAta Parallelism TranslatOR) for OS2 2.x platform.

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          ADAPTOR (Automatic DAta Parallelism TranslatOR)

                     for OS2 2.x platform.

   ADAPTOR (Automatic DAta Parallelism TranslatOR) was developed

by the German National Institute for Computer Science. It is a

tool that transforms data parallel programs written in Fortran with

array extensions, parallel loops and layout directives to parallel

programs with explicit message passing. ADAPTOR supports heterogeneous

workstation configuration via the use of PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine)

as the message passing model.

PVM is a software system that enables a collection of heterogeneous

computers to be used as a coherent and flexible concurrent computational


  The individual computers may be shared- or local-memory multiprocessors,

vector supercomputers, specialized graphics engines, or scalar

workstations, that may be interconnected by a variety of networks,

such as ethernet, FDDI.

  User programs written in C, C++ or Fortran access PVM through library


   This port to OS2 platform uses my recently released port of PVM to

OS2 (you can find it on in /pub/os2/2_x/program

as a file called Than means, that you essentially need

to get PVM for OS2 in order to do anything sensible with this port

of ADAPTOR. PVM needs at least base package of TCP/IP v2.0 from IBM,

because its message passing mechanism is based on TCP/IP software

suite. For both ADAPTOR you need emx and f2c - excellent port of

Fortran to C translator by Roger Fearick (can be found in the same

directory as PVM). I also assume that you have two GNU file manipulation

utilities - mv and rm.

                                       Jan Ftacnik



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