CDRecord/2 (Cdrtools) V2.00 final (GPL-freeware)

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CDRecord/2 (Cdrtools) V2.00 final (GPL-freeware)

(C) Chris Wohlgemuth 1998-2003

This is the binary distribution of the cdrtools package for OS/2

available at

The package has the full feature set of the original program

written by J. Schilling. There're no differences to cdrtools on

other systems like Solaris, BSD, Linux etc. or limitations in the

OS/2 version.

The Cdrtools package can be used to create data and audio-cds.

A PM installer is used for installation.


This archive contains the ASPI-Router V1.1 beta 6 by P. Ratcliffe.

Note that this driver is only included for your convenience. It is

NOT covered by the GPL and not written by the author of Cdrtools or the

porter to OS/2. See the file ASPIROUT.TXT for more information.


EMX runtime libraries V 0.9d Fix 4

Should run on any 32 Bit version of OS/2.


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