WarpAMP (AMP for OS/2)

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                        WarpAmp ? (C) SDG 1997


This is the first public beta of WarpAMP (AMP for OS/2). WarpAMP is a

MP3 player based on Tomislav Uzelacs AMP project, it is still in beta so

use it with care. WarpAMP is ported by SDG, if you want to know more

about us, read the SDG.TXT file that accompanies this package.

  Requirements: Fast CPU, lots of RAM and patience and, of course OS/2

                with DART support installed.

         Usage: Well, WarpAMP is still in beta, so no great docs. For

                now, just type AMP at the command line and it'll show

                the options.

Things to come: Fixing skipping on some machines were it shouldn't skip,

                a nice PM GUI, optimize the code a bit further to bring

                the CPU usage down.

    Disclaimer: WarpAMP comes with absolutely no warranty.  Neither SDG

                nor any member of SDG will not be held responsible for

                any damage caused to your system because of your use of

                WarpAMP. You use WarpAMP at your own risk, if you can

                not accept these terms, DO NOT USE WarpAMP!

 Contacting us: Send email with bug reports, comments, etc to

                "d91-lss@sm.luth.se" (skip the quotes though) and be

                sure to but WarpAMP in the subject line.


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