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Welcome to Embellish by dadaware.


Win95 users read the install/uninstall section!!!

This file contains information you need to install Embellish,

and additional information not included in the product documentation

and updates to the printed manual.

This README file is divided into the following categories:

   -  This is a demo!!!  It has limitations.

   -  How to buy.

   -  Before You Install Embellish

       -Software Requirements

       -Hardware Requirements

   -  Getting Help

   -  Installing Embellish

   -  Un-Installing Embellish

   -  Late-Breaking News

   -  Trademarks

   -  Your Satisfaction

This is a demo!!!  It has limitations.


This program is a demonstration version of Embellish.

It is fully functional and has all capabilities of the

release version of Embellish.  It has been provided this

way so that you may evaluate the software in its complete

form.  Please examine the license agreement (license.txt)

that was included with the program.  If the file is missing

you must contact www.dadaware.com for the file - it is a

violation to use this software without first reading and

agreeing to the terms of the license agreement.  The file

should have been already displayed for Win95 users.

This demo is use limited.  This means that it will cease

working after a certain number of uses.  You will be

warned as to the amount of uses availabe during the

startup of the program.

How to buy.


Contact sales@dadaware.com or visit our web site

at http://www.dadaware.com for a list of retailers.

Because Embellish is sold as commercial software its

pricing is set by the retailer and will vary.

Before You Install Embellish


   Software Requirements


   * Windows 95:

   Optional TWAIN drivers and/or pressure sensitive 


   * OS/2:

   Version 2.0 or greater.  Optional TWAIN complient

   drivers and TWAIN type dll from third party sources in

   order to support scanning. Optionally PEN for OS/2

   to support pressure sensative digitizers.

   For this version of Embellish, only TWAIN support from

   CFM in Germany is working (http://www.cfm.de)

   At a future date, we expect support for drivers from

   Solution Technology, Inc.  If you are trying to use

   drivers from STI, be sure they are the more recent 

   version 1.6 complient drivers.

   Hardware Requirements


   33 Mhz 486 with 8 megabytes is minimum.

   100 Mhz 486 with 16 megabytes is suggested.

   Video must support at least 256 colors,

   16 bit or 24 bit video card is strongly recommended.

   Most computers have 16 bit capable video cards, but

   many users don't have the machine set to use this

   mode.  Check your computer's setup to see if your

   video is set optimally.

Getting Help



   Contact the dadaware web site at www.dadaware.com

   for updates and helpful hints, FAQs, etc.

   Service and Technical Support:

   e-mail is strongly encouraged as the primary support method,

   use support@dadaware.com.  It avoids waiting and allows us

   to research your problem more thoroughly and provides

   a written record which you can refer to at your convenience.

   Phone support is available

   9am-4pm PST.  (510) 655-7898.


   Defect Reporting:

   email - support@dadaware.com

   Be sure to describe the problem in as much detail as possible,

   what events led up to the problem, if it is repeatable.

Installing Embellish


   OS/2:  If installing from CD-ROM, go to the OS2 directory

            and run install.

   Win95:  If installing from CD-ROM, go to the WIN95 directory

            and run setup.

           Because of the way Windows handles file associations

           (the .bmp like extension of file names), the installation 

           for Embellish is broken into 2 parts.  The first is

           accomplished by the setup.exe command.  After running

           this, Embellish can be run and is fully functional.

           However Embellish will not be associated with any of

           the graphics files it can read.

           When a program is associated with a file extension, the

           program's icon will be shown when you view the file's 

           icon and the program will be launched when the user

           double clicks on the file's icon.  

           We do this 2 part install because you may want to keep

           files associated with an image viewer, a web browser or

           whatever.  If you decide that you do want the file's

           associated with Embellish, run the program regsetup.exe

           after installing Embellish (it will be in the same 

           directory as Embellish).  Read the instructions it

           provides and be sure to not to destroy the backup file

           it creates.  This file is needed if you ever want to

           uninstall Embellish.

   If the files are downloaded or from floppy disks, run the commands

   listed above but do not change to the specified directory first.

Un-Installing Embellish


   OS/2:     Run INSTALL.EXE (which is included on the first disk or CDROM) to

               uninstall Embellish.  When running install, choose 'Delete and 

               reinstall'.  Select the Embellish component to delete.  After the deletion

               has occured, the install program will prompt you about

               re-installing.  At this point exit the install procedure and

               Embellish will have been removed.

   Win95:   Double-Click on the 'My Computer' icon.  In the folder that is displayed,

               find 'Control Panel' and Double-Click.  Choose 'Add/Remove Programs'

               and Double-Click.  Look for the Embellish entry in the listbox, select it

               and choose remove.  If you did the file association (regsetup)

               mentioned in the install section, you will need to run it again

               before you perform the normal un-install.

Late-Breaking News


Please check the dadaware web site

www.dadaware.com for updates and new information.  It is

important for you to register in order to receive timely information

about updates.

--- Manual Updates ---

1.  The manual section on use of the Clone tool is incorrect, refer to

the online documentation instead.

2. The manual description on the use of the Color paint implies that

intensity and saturation change will be linked to pressure.  This is

untrue, they are not pressure related.  See the online documentation 

for more information.

3.  The manual refers to Shear - Random, it should be Random Shear.

--- Users of Previous Versions---

It is important that users of Embellish 2.0 and 2.01 remove all traces 

those versions.

OS/2 users:

Run the inifile.cmd utility to reset your ini file.

Win95 users:

Open a Dos window.

Type "regedit"

Click on the + button next to HKEY_CURRENT_USER

Click on the + button next to Software

Click on the + button next to dadaware

Highlight (select) "Embellish"

Click the right mouse button, and choose delete.

Highlight (select) "Album"

Click the right mouse button, and choose delete.

This will delete any of the old entries.



    The following terms are trademarks of dadaware in

    the United States or other countries:


    The following terms are trademarks of other companies:

       OS/2                  IBM Corporation         

       Windows 95             Microsoft Corporation

Your Satisfaction


Your satisfaction with Embellish is important to us.  If you are not totally

satisfied with this product, please contact us at support@dadaware.com.

Tell us what is not meeting your expectations and why you are

dissatisfied.  Provide your name, your organizations's name, and

your telephone number so that we can contact you.  We will work with

you to resolve your concerns.

To contact us, use any of these:

        o Telephone in the USA: (510) 655-7898

        o Internet: support@dadaware.com


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