TED Editor ported to OS/2 2.0

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May 15, 1992.

This is my personal port of PC-Magazine's TED.COM to OS/2. I have not

had the chance to test it very thoroughly, although I have been using it for

its own development since becoming operational and have not run into any

serious problems.

I am releasing it in this state as I shall be without a computer for

three months, and imagine some people could find it useful in the interim. Any

feedback is appreciated, although, for obvious reasons, all shall go unanswered

until this fall, at which point I will resume work and hopefully make a

polished release including source code.


- The executable has a DIET compressed copy of the DOS version of TED

as a stub. This is code from earlier in the port when I still had to compile

the DOS version to get a working editor. Might never be updated.

- The OS/2 code does not yet have any signal handers. This means that

hitting a ^Break, or more importantly, ^C (or for that matter, Alt-3 on the

number pad) will abort the program.

- Saving to a relative path is not well tested, but is probably broken.

This is dependant on the behaviour of DosMove().

- This port was based on the code in the original release of TED. If

there have been any improvments outside of what I have done, they remain

outside of this code. <send code>

May 16,1991

I'm throwing in an protected-mode only version too - TEDP.EXE. Anybody

looking for a DOS-only executable is looking in the wrong place. <g>

- Luns Tee (1:250/628.5 for now)


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