MainActor/2 - A modular animation package for OS/2 Warp

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MainActor/2 - A modular animation package for OS/2 Warp




-Unzip the archive into a directory of your choice

-Start the installation program (install.cmd)

-You can now start MainActor/2 from your desktop

Have a look into the documentation for information

on how to install TIMER0.SYS and DIVE.

Make sure to read the documentation and the online help

to make the most of MainActor/2.

Suggestions are always welcome.

What is MainActor:


MainActor is a modular multimedia processing package. You can load / edit /

play and save / convert all major animation and and the most common picture

formats. MainActor supports more animation formats for loading / saving than

any other program on any platform!

This release of MainActor supports both English and German, you can change

the language during runtime in the "Settings" menu.

MainActor is available for OS/2 and Windows 95 / NT.

A full featured sequencer with audio and video effects is in preparation.

The shareware version of MainActor is fully functional, you will have to deal

with an annoying requester though.

The requester appears

* at startup for 5 seconds

* when openening the save window for 5 seconds

* after saving every tenth frame for 2 seconds

Please register MainActor if you use it on a regular basis. Use beyond a 31

day evaluation period is prohibited without registration.


Currently MainActor ships with the following modules:

Loader modules:


AVI (Animation)*

BMP (Picture)

DL (Animation)

FLC (Animation)

FLI (Animation)

GIF (Picture)

GIF-Anim (Animation)

IFF (Picture)

IFF-Anim3/5/7/8/J (Animation)

JPEG (Picture)

MPEG-I/II (Animation)*

MPEG-Audio Layer I/II/III (Sound)

PCX (Picture)

TGA (Picture)

Quicktime (Animation)*

WAV (Sound)

Saver modules:


AVI (Animation)*

BMP (Picture)

FLC (Animation)

FLI (Animation)

GIF (Picture)

GIF-Anim (Animation)

JPEG (Picture)

MPEG-I (Animation)*

MPEG-I/II (Animation)*

MPEG-Audio Layer II (Sound)

Quicktime (Animation)*

TGA (Picture)

Video Data (Picture)

WAV (Sound)

Animation formats marked with an * support sound.

More modules are on the way ( SGI Movies, .MOD ) etc.


The files in this archive, except and, are copyrighted

by MainConcept, GbR and may not be reproduced for commercial use without the

written agreement of MainConcept, GbR.

Otherwise you are permitted and encouraged to distribute this (the shareware)

version of MainActor/2. There are no restrictions with regards to copying,

transferring or otherwise distributing MainActor/2 in its complete and original

shareware form.


For information or registration contact :

MainConcept, GbR Moenig/Zabel

Hermann-Heusch-Platz 3

52062 Aachen


Tel: 49-(0)241-4090444

FAX: 49-(0)241-4090445

BBS: 49-(0)241-4090446



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