THE OS/2 Icon Collection #10 - Standard .ICO Edition

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             THE OS/2 Icon Collection #10 - Standard .ICO Edition


Archive Filename: (Mar. 23, 1996)

Description: This is THE OS/2 Icon Collection #10, *Standard .ICO* edition.

             It contains over 3700 (3765 to be exact) OS/2 icons, many of them

             unavailable elsewhere.  IMHO, this is the best ensemble of OS/2

             2.x/3.0 icons on the Internet!

Locations of archive (in URL):


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What's Changed in this Release?


     Release 10 introduces 390 new/improved icons from various sources

(Ray Appleby, Horst Kiehl, Brad Wardell, myself, as well as others).  It's

a shame that it took 7 months to come up with this update, but then I have

other things to do besides organizing/making icons.  ;)  The next one will

arrive after the release of Merlin in July, with future updates in six-

month intervals...

Why 3 Different Editions?


THE OS/2 Icon Collection is available in three formats:

- Dave Lester's IconEase format (IconEase Edition:

  * Requires IconEase 2.02 -

- Paul van Keep's Icon Heaven format (Icon Heaven Edition:

  * Requires Icon Heaven 1.12 -

                                             *to be moved to*


- OS/2 .ICO format (Standard .ICO Edition:

  * Requires 16MB of space on an HPFS partition (needed for long filenames)

Generally, .ICO format is for those using HPFS who also happen to have huge

HDs.  It's recommended to use one of the first two formats; although they

require special programs to access the icon collection, the savings in disk

space (up to 61% in my case) is well worth the small effort in setting them


Rationale for Existence:


 Q: The overall quality of the icons in OS/2 Warp Version 3 is much higher

    than those in OS/2 2.x, why would I want to waste several megabytes of

    disk space in storing these icons?

 A: Good point.  I don't know why, but people (at least me and my friends)

    seem to be obsessed with getting their desktops look unique and cool,

    thus justifying the presence of "THE OS/2 Icon Collection" on their hard

    drives...  ;)



     You may find some of the icons in this file are seen in other icon

libraries available on various FTP sites.  It is because I selectively chose

them from other collections in an attempt to create a "One Library for All"

OS/2 icon compilation to ease the burden of people who are new to OS/2 or

Internet, so that they can get started in exploring the power of OS/2 without

worrying whether they've got all the "good" icons or not.  Some icons are

also extracted from different WWW homepages, not to mention the company logos.

Should you find any of the icons included in infringe your

copyright, feel free to e-mail me, and the icon(s) in question will be

removed promptly.  I fully respect the idea of intellectual property, and

would do my part to protect it.

     Since this icon collection is distributed free of charge, there is no

warranty for it of any kind.  USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.  In no event I would

be liable to you for damages, including any general, special, incidental,

consequential, physical, and psychological damages arising out of the use

or inability to use the icons (including but not limited to loss of precious

disk space or time or losses sustained by you or third parties or a failure

of the icons to display decently on your 640x480/800x600 desktop), even if

I have been advised of the possibility of such damages. (whew!  Was that


THINK THE ICONS SUCK (many OS/2ers do resent using 32x32x16 icons - those

converted from Windows, basically); INSTEAD, DRAW/IMPROVE/ENHANCE SOME ICONS

TO REPLACE THEM!  I'm only maintaining this archive in good will, and I expect

nothing but appreciation of my effort, which is open to interpretation... ;-)

[The above paragraph was taken out of context from the GNU GPL]



  I) How to decompress properly:

          To decompress the icons with the EAs intact, use Info-ZIP's Unzip

          (version 5.12 -

 II) How to install the package:

          Just unzip to a new directory (use a descriptive name),

          and run the installation script (Install.CMD) to create a shadow

          object of the icon folder on your OS/2 Desktop.  It is highly

          recommended to use an HPFS partition for icon storage, as many files

          will NOT be extracted under FAT (yes, I could have renamed those

          files using EA .LONGNAME so that they appear under WPS with long

          names, yet retaining 8.3 physical filenames; I didn't do so because

          I don't have that much time).

III) How to utilize the icons:

          If you don't know how to assign icons to objects under OS/2, run

          the tutorial to acquaint yourself with the basics.

 IV) How to make new icons:

          In the Templates folder (not the one on your desktop), drag from

          the icon templates listed below and drop onto the destination

          folder to create blank icons; double-click on the new icons to

          invoke the OS/2 Icon Editor for editing.

          24-bit Icon (w/ Small Colour Forms).ICO

               32x32 and 40x40 at 24-bit colour depth

          24-bit Icon (w/o Small Colour Forms).ICO

               32x32 and 40x40 at 24-bit colour depth, plus their small

               colour form counterparts (16x16 and 20x20, respectively)

          8-bit Icon (w/ Small Colour Forms).ICO

               32x32 and 40x40 at 8-bit colour depth

          8-bit Icon (w/o Small Colour Forms).ICO

               32x32 and 40x40 at 8-bit colour depth, plus their small

               colour form counterparts (16x16 and 20x20, respectively)

          Standard Forms Icon.ICO

               Independent Color Form (=VGA) - 32x32x16

               Independent Small Color Form - 16x16x16

               Independent Small BW Form - 16x16x2

               XGA/8514 - 16 colors - 40x40x16

               XGA/8514 Small Color Form - 20x20x16

               XGA/8514 Small BW Form - 20x20x2

               Independent BW Form (=1.1 format) - 32x32x2

  V) Hi-Res icons:

          40x40 icons requires OS/2 2.x and up to be running at 1024x768 or

          higher resolutions to be displayed properly.  For systems with

          lower resolutions the quality of some icons might not be that

          good, since 32x32 simply can't do justice to some highly-detailed


Acknowledgements (presented in alphabetical order):


     Ray Appleby <>

     Sam Beckett <>

     Colin Bird <>

     Tore Bredeli Joergensen <>

     Alan Choi <>

     Eugene Chun <>

          [filename of collection:]

     Edward Deans <>

          [filename of collection:]

     Truman W. Collins Jr. <>

     Peter Conteos <>

     Jose R. Gonzalez <>

          [filename of collection:]

     John M. Hughes <>

          [filename of collection:]

     Rick Hunolt <>

          [filename of collection:]

     Horst Kiehl <>

          [filename of collection:]

     Michael Kilby <>

     Jeff Kirvin <>

     K. Leon Kwok <>

     Dave Lester <>

          [filename of program archive:]

     Cris McRae <>

     Hugh Preston <>

     Greg Roelofs <>

     James Ullom <>

     Paul van Keep <>

          [filename of program archive:]

     James Wang <>

     Brad Wardell <>

     Frank Yannetta <e-mail address unknown>

     [*** Some of your icons are seen in the library, yet

      your name isn't listed above?  Send me your address!]

To anyone who has some nifty icons which are not contained in this archive:


                      ?      E-MAIL THEM TO:      ?

                      ?     ?


                      ?Proud Member of Team OS/2! ?


                            *** Have Fun!!! ***


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