GammaTech Utilities - 32 Bit

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                    GammaTech Utilities - 32 Bit

                    ReadMe.Doc      Version 3.00


If you have a previous version of the GammaTech Utilities installed

you may wish to edit your CONFIG.SYS file and remove any references

to the GAMMA32 directory from the PATH statement. This will assure

that the version 3 utilities are used when operating from the

command line. You may make this change before or after installing

version 3.


The Install program will ask if you wish for it to update your

Config.Sys file. If you select "No" you must update Config.Sys

manually after the installation has completed and then reboot.


In order to achieve the maximum backup protection for your hard

disk you should review the documentation regarding the Boot Sector

Backup feature of the GTDisk utility and perform the backup function

to save copies of your existing boot sectors.


Note: Previous versions recorded boot sector backup information in a

different format. If you have backups from a previous version, you

should discard them and create a new backup after installing this



In addition, the Sentry utility provides backup capabilities for your

OS/2 INI files and the Desktop directory.


The GammaTech Utilities are distributed with online documentation.

To view the online documentation, double click on the information

icon found in the GammaTech folder.


The following icons should appear in the GammaTech folder

created at installation time:


Information - The documentation file.

Analyze - The PM Analyze utility.

Disk Map - The Disk Map utility.

FAT Opt - The FAT Optimizer utility.

Files - The PM Files utility.

GtDisk - The GammaTech Disk utility.

HPFS Opt - The PM HPFS Optimizer.

S Edit - The GammaTech Sector Editor.

Sentry - Boot sector monitor and File lock utility.

SysInfo - Display system information.

UnDelete - Undelete.



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