Impos/2 version 2.1

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[Impos/2 version 2.1]

Installation can be started with <install.exe>

Please note that in the download version, the sample images are not

available, please deselect that option.

After installation, you should copy the IFFJPG.DLL from the install-

directory to your program directory. This new version has serious 

improvements over the original release.

[Epson Printerdrivers]

PDF Glossar 

You will find the Epson Printerdriver for OS/2 in the subdir OS2DRV.

These drivers are for Epson users free and can be used with a Epson printer.

To install please open the OS2DRV folder on the WPS and drag your printer to

the desktop.

Read also the README files in the OS2DRV subdir.

Attention: We CANNOT provide any technical support for this drivers!

-> there is also NO hotline available!



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