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Let me introduce myself.

Pete Stan - SysOp of the BOMBER BBS
Running LoraBBS v2.35 on OS/2 2.1 486dx2-50 (Gateway)

    I have read of many maladies with Lora menus in the netmail conferences.
I have built many different structured menus for Lora since I first began. As of yet
I have only encountered some minor problems. Keeping the system display screens
simple is the key. To many complex charachters confuse Lora at display time.
Such as PREDNLD.* any thing other than simple ansi code causes all kind of problems.

    Enclosed in this archive are two needed files.
MENUTXT.ZIP - is the standard english text menu and lanquage files.
ANSI.ZIP - This contains A full compliment of ansi screens. (this must be used with the
         include english.* files)

    Put the ansi screens in your \Lora\misc\ directory.
    Put the english.* in your \Lora\lanq\ directory.
Please for your sake don't forget to backup your originals first. I don't want to force you
to use this set. If you rename the english.* to another name you can offer this as another
lanquage selection. I am curently running different menu selection on my BBS.
Feel free to call and see. IEMSI is enabled...

    You must use both archives to obtain proper operation. Yes I will warn you that
These files also contain some BOMBER BBS Logos. (What do you expect!!!<G>)
These menus are the product of many hours of Reading MARCO's documents wich aren't
the easiest to read. This is including the time spent drawing and writing the menus.
After thoroughly testing these menus my self I released them to my Beta tester.
Edward Simmons -SysOp The Carrier Pigeon BBS 1:110/845

    I can be reached for assistance at The Bomber BBS (513) 962-4487 or
through The Carrier Pigeon BBS 1:110/845.


    Now the BEG for Bucks plead. If you find these menus helpful in any way,
for guidance in building your own or just plug them in and use them. Drop $2.00 in an
envelope and mail it to:

Pete Stan
5708 Lewisburg-Ozias Rd.
Lewisburg, Oh 45338

Let me convince the wife once and for all tha I am not wasting my time. If you would like
me to develop a set of custom screens for you I can do that for a reasonable rate.
(barter will be considered). Support without the $2.00 will be limited.
Please post my advertisment just like it is in your BBS. (It is part of the Newsletter setup)
Also if you would be so kind put me in your BBS listings.


    These menus by the way can also be modified to run with out the ansi of course.
To see what they can look like, from the menu editor in Lsetup, select the menu you want
to see then hit S for show. I am sure you will be surprised. Thes so far are the best I have

LoraBBS - thanks to Marco Maccaferri for his ever diligent work.
Hope he gets them bugs (3175) out quick though.

Later DUDES..................


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