FTP IFS v 0.01e

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                                    FTP IFS v 0.01e

                                 (c) 1998 Vit Timchshin

1. What is it

    a) It is an FTP client.

    b) It as a File System Driver.

    What do this mean? This mean that you may map any ftp host you like to a drive letter and use all the utilities you have with FTP host. Any archiver, any File Manager, any BackUp program. This automaticaly gives you possibility to make any programs you want to work with FTP easily.

2. What features does it have. (Functions marked * are available only in registered version)

    You see a early version of this program. You may use it on your own risk (It is provided AS IS).

    a)For now it is a read and file create ftp client. This mean that you may copy files to remote host, but cant edit files on the remote host.

    b)It supports directory caching

    c)Automatic reconnecting to hosts.

    d)Partial file memory caching (for small files only)

    e*)Metadrive support: Map many hosts to a single drive letter.

        To use this:

            a) Map a drive to a '-' host ("fsatt <D>: -")

            b) Change to the dir with the name formed as \[username[=password]@]host[;port]


            C:\>fsatt w: -


            W:\>cd \hobbes.nmsu.edu


    f*)Passive mode support

    g*)Link number limit

3. What feature it does not have.

    This is a list of features that are not YET implemented. They are in 'to-do' list or in progress:

    a)ReGet support

    b)Full Write access. But I dont know if it is to be implemented. It'll be the same as if you copy file locally, modify and then send it back. FTP protocol has no seek function so you cant change few bytes from a file, but need to copy the whole.

    c)UNC support

    d)New listing formats. For now the only format implemented is 'ls -a' (including AIX and Novell) format. It is used by most hosts. OS/2 Warp FTPD format is in progress.

        Note: I would like to hear from you what FTP server listing FTP.IFS can or cant read.

              If you want submit new listing format, find in log a line with "Dir string read" inside and send it to me.

    e)PROXY support

    f)New attach/detach utils. For now they are working, but not too user-friendly.

    g).. Tell me what do you want

4. Installation.

    a) Make the dir and unrar this archive (Below I'll use D:\PATH\ instead of this dir)

    b) Add folowing line to your config.sys:


        SET FTPPASSWORD=<your email>

             This password will be used if you will not provide one, and ftp server requiers it.

    c) Add folowing line to your startup.cmd

        start D:\PATH\R3COMM.EXE>d:\path\logfile

    d) Reboot

5. Usage.

    To use this program you need to attach the drive. After finishing your work detach it.

    Use next utils:

    To attach:

            ftpatt <drive>: <hostname>[:<port>][;<username>[;password]] [Passive] [Limit=n]

                *   Passive     Use passive ftp mode (try to use it if you have any problems with firewalls)

                *   Limit=n (n<=100)

                                Limit number of ftp connections to the host to n.

            Note: You may provide options(like Passive) to MetaDrive. Then every connection created from this drive will have this options. (For example you may have one MetaDrive for active and one for passive connections)

    To detach:

            ftpdet <drive>:

6. Known problems.

    a)You may kill r3comm program and restart it. But you are to deatch all drives BEFORE killing it. If you cant - try to detach drives immediately after restarting R3COMM, and restart it once more. You may experience R3COMM trap. Then reboot or just do not access the 'bad' drive. This will be fixes in the next version.

7. UnKnown problems.

    If you experience any other problems kill R3COMM. This will unlock any locked programs.

    If you have system TRAP (it IS possible) write down CS:... line and send it me.

    While reporting any problems send me d:\path\logfile. Note: All the passwords are in this file as plain text. You may want to substitute it with "****". Find "PASV" string. You passwords are located right after this line.

6. License

    This program is provided "AS IS". Author is not responsible for any problems you have.

    The program is shareware. You may use non-registered copy of this program for 60 days for evaluation purposes.

    For the period of evaluation the program will be function-limited.

    To register program contact BMT Micro (See register.bmt for details).

    You may copy this program if you want. But you are to copy only original archive without any changes.

7. Contacting author

    Author may be contacted at e-mail ftpifs@usa.net.

    I'll be  pleased if you contact me with or without error report.

    Most active testers can receive registration key free.

    If you want you may send postcard to the next address:

        Vitalij Timchishin

        Miropolskaja st. 17, ap.6

        Kiev    253206


9. Where to find next versions.

    a)Mail me.

    b)I will put next versions to ftp://hobbes.nmsu.edu/pub/incoming/ftpifsXX.zip (Where XX is current version number).

      They are to be moved to ftp://hobbes.nmsu.edu/pub/os2/apps/ftp/client/ftpifsXX.zip

    c)Go to http://www.bmtmicro.com. You may download new vesion and register program there. (See register.bmt for details)


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