OS/2 NDIS driver for Realtek 8139/8130/810x and compatibles

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OS/2 NDIS driver for Realtek 8139/8130/810x and compatibles

Config.sys Parameters


   The following switches are supported:

   /V        Verbose mode, displays controller status during

             OS/2 initialization.

   /Q        Quiet mode, no display during OS/2 initialization.

   /2 .. /9  Selects other "Drivername =" entry in \ibmcom\protocol.ini.

             This switch is added automatically if you install more than

             one Realtek 8139/810x card using the MPTS program.

   /U        Number cards as found. Useful if BUSNO, DEVICENO or ETHERID

             values are not present in protocol.ini. This parameter

             can be used for automaticly generated protocol.ini files

             to work with more than one supported card.

Note: All information messages generated during boot are logged to

\ibmcom\lantran.log file.

Included Files


   rtl8139.txt   this file

   rtl8139.nif   defined characteristics for installer (MPTS icon)

   rtsnd.os2     driver file

   rtsnd.sym     optional debug file

   dumpio.exe    optional tool to show chip registers

   rtsnddmn.exe  optional deamon to accelerate NOIRQ mode



   Backup \ibmcom\protocol.ini, \ibmcom\macs\rtl8139.nif, and


   Unzip rtl8139.zip to a work directory.

   Open Network Adapters and Protocol Services.

   Select Configure MPTS.

   Select Lan adapters and protocols.

   Select Configure.

   Select Have Disk.

   Enter the path where you unzipped the Realtek driver.

   Select OK.

   The updated driver should be installed.

   Exit and re-boot.

Installation for CardBus cards


   Install the CBENABLE package and reboot. This step is

   needed, since the RTSND.OS2 driver does not contain PCMCIA

   code ("point enabler"), instead the real work is done by

   the OS/2 PCMCIA Subsystem and the CBENABLE package.

   Start PC Card Director:

     verify that an ethernet card is detected.

     verify that status button->client includes "CardBus Enabler".

     verify that status button->informations shows power connected (3.3 V).

     verify that status button->resource reports IRQ and IO window correctly.

   Install as for PCI cards, but enter driver name CBENAB0$ or CBENAB1$

   (for socket 0 or 1) in the "CardBus enabler" settings field.

Inserting/Removing Realtek CardBus Cards


   The driver checks during system boot if a Realtek Card is installed.

   If none is found and you have Verbose mode set you will be prompted

   to insert one.

   Inserting the card in the socket:

   - Insert card

   - Connect media coupler (see Realtek Card User's Guide)

   - Check Card Director to ensure card is detected and functioning

   - Start the network

     -- ("\MPTN\BIN\setup.cmd", "net continue"...)

   Removing the card from the socket:

   - Stop the network:

     -- "net stop requester".. (peer)

     -- "ifconfig lan0 down" (tcpip).

   - Power off the card using Card Director or cbe_msg.exe.

   - Remove the media coupler (see Realtek Card User's Guide)

   - Press the eject button.

   Note: Ejecting the card during heavy network traffic without following

         the above guidance may result in a system reboot.

NOIRQ mode


   If using the IRQ set by BIOS or IRQ option in the driver settings

   does not work, You can use the NOIRQ=1 mode as an fallback solution.

   Since the driver uses the default 1/18 second OS/2 timer,

   performance will degrade to 167/252 KB/s instead of 11 MB/s.

   You can use the rtsnddmn.exe program to gain more network bandwith

   at higher CPU time cost.

   Run "RTSNDDMN.EXE RTSND$ 10000" in an command window. Experiment

   with higher numbers than 10000, if large files are still transferred

   slowly, or use a lower number if no activity or a ping command causes

   full CPU load.


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