drivers for the Canon BJ10/e/ex series of printers

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This file contains drivers for the Canon BJ10/e/ex series of printers.  Install the IBM4070IJ driver.  The drivers come from OS/2 v2.1 and work correctly with Warp.


To create a printer object and install a new printer driver for the Canon BJ10: 

    1. Open Templates. 

    2. Point to the Printer template. 

    3. Press and hold mouse button 2. 

    4. Drag the template to a folder or the Desktop. 

    5. Release mouse button 2. 

    6. Type a name for the printer in the Name field. 

    7. Select the port to which the printer is connected. 

    8. Select Install new printer driver.  A window appears with a list of the printer drivers that are shipped with 



         a) Select the Other OS/2 printer driver radio button. 

         b) Enter path where you have unzipped BJ10.ZIP 

         c) Select Refresh.  The window will display a list of printer drivers. 

         d) Select the IBM4070IJ 

         e) Select Install. 


A new printer object will be created.  To customize the settings for this new printer object, see Setting Printer 




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