Creative Labs CD-ROM Driver in OS/2 2.1

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Installing the NEW Creative Labs CD-ROM Driver in OS/2 2.1 and above

for CRCCD2.ADD Version 2.01


You should replace any earlier version with this new driver.

This driver will now support the following drives.

        Panasonic CR 52x

        Panasonic CR 563

        Creative  CD 200

        Funai     E2550-UA

        Funai     E2800-UA

1. INSTALLING CRCCD2.ADD to an existing OS/2 system

1.1.  Check that you have the following lines in your CONFIG.SYS.  If

      these lines are missing, add them to your CONFIG.SYS and make

      sure that they are located in your OS/2 directory.  If these

      files are not in your OS/2 directory then you must follow the

      Selective Install procedure detailed in your OS/2 manual, you

      must check the CD-ROM Drive box and select OTHER for the type of

      CD-ROM Drive attached to your system.

  BASEDEV=CRCCD2.ADD /P:XXX (Where 'XXX' is the Address of the SB card)

  IFS=C:\OS2\CDFS.IFS               (The "/T:2" should be added to the

  DEVICE=C:\OS2\OS2CDROM.DMD         CRCCD2.ADD line if the customer

  DEVICE=C:\OS2\MDOS\VCDROM.SYS      is using the 1810 interface!)

  *NOTE: A. These lines should be kept together in the CONFIG.SYS and

    they MUST be in the order shown above!

B. Make sure that you do NOT have any duplicates of these lines

    in your CONFIG.SYS or you will get an error every time OS/2


1.2.  Copy the CRCCD2.ADD file to the C:\OS2 directory (for Warp 3.0,

      copy to the C:\OS2\BOOT directory).  In some cases this file

      may need to be located in the root directory of the C: drive.

      If you have CRCCD2.ADD in the OS/2 directory and OS/2 still

      will not recognize your CD-ROM Drive then copy the file to the

      root directory.  This should solve the problem.

2. INSTALLING OS/2 2.1 and above (including Warp 3.0) from CD-ROM using


2.1.  Make backup copies of the two disks that come with the OS/2 2.1

      CD-ROM.  Store the original disks in a safe place in case they

      are needed in the future.

2.2.  Copy the CRCCD2.ADD file to the new disk labeled "Diskette 1".

2.3.  Next, add the following line to the file CONFIG.SYS found on the

      new disk labeled "Diskette 1".  This line should come right before

      the line "IFS=C:\OS2\CDFS.IFS /Q".

      BASEDEV=CRCCD2.ADD /P:xxx (Where 'xxx' is the I/O 

Address of the SB card)

2.4.  Reboot the system with the new disk labeled "Installation

      Diskette" and follow the installation process accordingly.

2.5.  If you are installing for Warp 3.0, please skip this and go directly

      to 2.6.  After the installation is completed and your system has

      rebooted, you must copy the files CDFS.IFS and OS2CDROM.DMD from the

      OS/2 installation disk labeled "Diskette 1" into the OS2 directory

      on your hard drive, then add the following two lines to your

      CONFIG.SYS file that is located on the C: drive. So that you will

      be able to access the CD-ROM drive after the installation process

      has completed.

      IFS=C:\OS2\CDFS.IFS /Q


2.6.  Remember to reboot the system.


/p:xxx - SB cards base address.

/m:xxx - MKE compatible cards CDRom base address.

/t:x - Switch for standalone cards.

  if x=1 then it is a Sound card. (Default).

  if x=2 then it is a standalone card.

/d:x - Double Speed switch.   

/n:x - Single Speed switch.

  if x=0 to x=3 implies the drive number.

  ix x=a  implies that all drives are to be made double or single

  speed. /d:a is default.

/ns - No scan. Implies that only one drive present with ID=0 

  and will not scan for other drives. Scaning for all drives is

      default procedure.


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