OS/2 GRADD Video Device Driver for the Nvidia NV4

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  OS/2 GRADD Video Device Driver for the Nvidia NV4

  1.  If system is not in VGA mode, it is recommended that install VGA mode before driver installation.

  2.  Insert the "NVGRADD 1" diskette into drive A (or any other diskette drive).

  3.  Open an OS/2 full-screen or OS/2 window session.

  4.  At the OS/2 command prompt, type the following command to copy

      all necessary files to the OS/2 drive:

        A:SETUP NV A:\ C:

      where A: is the diskette drive.

      Then press Enter.

  5.  Once file copy is complete, restart your computer.  Make sure the diskette has been removed from

      the install drive.

NOTE: The installation diskette should be labeled "NVGRADD 1"

CID or unattended installation is available by utilizing the "/u" option (ie. setup NV /u).

** The GRADD driver requires Fixpack5 or greater for Warp4 (Merlin).

** The GRADD driver requires Fixpack37 or greater for Warp3.


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