Tseng ET4000 W32i and W32p driver

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This text is Copyright 1996 by Cornel Huth.  Do not remove this

text from this package.  For more information e-mail to


13-Jan-1996 - Cornel Huth


TLIW32PM.NEW is a renamed TLIW32PM.DLL Tseng ET4000 W32i and W32p driver,

_including_ W32p revision D, that makes 1024x768 video mode use small

fonts (tested only at 256 colors).

If you've ever been at 800x600 and switched to 1024x768 you probably

noticed (or not!) that there's not much more space on the desktop.

This is because the fonts, dialogs, -- you name it, are set to a

bigger size.  This pretty much nullifies the reason to use 1024x768,

if you ask me.

The driver, based on the 16-May-1995 version (Warp Connect release),

was processed through a Gigantor control box and modified to start

up in lots-of-room-on-desktop mode.  If you want the big stuff back,

do the reverse of what is described next.



- Requires

        Warp 3.0 or later


- Procedure

1.  Locate your existing TLIW32PM.DLL file.  This may be in boot:\, or

    boot:\os2, or boot:\os2\dll (should be here).

2.  Copy TLIW32PM.NEW to that directory.

3.  Reboot.  On restart, when the white box appears at the upper-left

    of the screen (a few seconds after starting the OS/2 boot):

        PRESS alt-F1

4.  At the option screen:

        PRESS c

    for a command line.  The command prompt appears a few seconds later.

5.  Change to the directory with TLIW32PM.DLL:

        cd \os2\dll

6.  Rename the current driver and rename the new:

        ren TLIW32PM.DLL TLIW32PM.OLD

        ren TLIW32PM.NEW TLIW32PM.DLL

7,  Exit the session to reboot:


- Result

At the new boot, the desktop will have a smaller launchpad (thinner and

not as tall).  The folder/icons are smaller, as is the icon text.  Your

apps will have smaller dialogs, fonts, etc.  The change is around

whatever 1024x768 is relative 800x600 (about 40% bigger), or like going

from a 15-inch screen to an 18-inch.

This driver, and any future updates. can be located at FTP site:


in /os2/drivers.  Filename is ET4SMALL.ZIP.



For more OS/2 stuff, from programmer toolkits like Bullet, a very fast

database library, to utilities like 40cid, for caller ID, to never

before seen on OS/2 applications (coming soon), check out the sites

listed next.


Toolkits  [database] [sound] [utils]  |cornel@crl.com  (102504,3043)

    DOS Bullet 1.25   DOS Ruckus 1.21 | ftp://ftp.crl.com/users/co/cornel

  Win3x Bullet 1.26   W95 Bullet 2.04 |http://www.crl.com/~cornel/

 DOSX32 Bullet 2.04  OS/2 Bullet 2.04 |BBS:(210)684-8065 after business hrs


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