Lucide 1.4.0 RC4 now available

PMShell 0 10,858 2018.03.28 22:02

We have a test WPI and a zip for Lucide 1.4.0 available:

The WPI does *NO* dependency checking, so be sure that you have used ANPM or whatever to install LIBjpeg and djvulibre (see the wiki). We are working on providing a reasonable way of checking for dependencies from the WPI. It is not my desire to switch from WPI to RPM at this time.

Hopefully, this will be the last RC before GA. Now that we have a poppler forwarder, we are no longer (at least for now) at risk of breaking the PDF plugin with a poppler update.

Fixes since RC3:

reworked dialog layouts and added context sensitive help (ticket #12)

added help menu items -- F1 now works to bring up help in all but a few

places (ticket #12)

updated build instructions

new LUCIDEHELP variable in CONFIG.SYS Append plugin-specific hlp files

to this list, e.g.:

SET LUCIDEHELP=lucide_en.hlp+gbm_en.hlp

Plugin authors may then provide their own help and upon plugin

installation, we simply apend the guide to the list to be able to load

that along with the main guide.

In the plan for 1.4 release cycle but not in the RC:

Additional/updated language files and translations of the help guide.

There is also a plugin API page on the wiki, now (only waited 10 years, but hey...):

Please review and comment. More plugin dev stuff coming to the wiki very soon, and there are a few RFEs pertaining to new plugins (and a couple suggestions made at today's Arca Noae staff meeting, namely, info and man pages). It would be great if some enterprising young fellow (or gal) stepped up to try to build some of these.

I am personally interested in print issues to CUPS printers (see ticket #294).





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