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August 06, 2007 by Eugene Gorbunoff

In the beginning of the summer we updated: ACPI subsystem, Panorama video drivers, Bootable JFS, General Network Utilities, Piano Launchpad, eSchemes, Firewall ports setup, Personal Cards Manager Traffic Visor III, PNG IO Proc. Mokey's audio IO Proc, T&V HappyPlayer, etc.

eComStation growed in the last 5 years. All planned technologies, applications and drivers were created. What is the next target? The main goal today is select/create TOP TEN eComStation applications (and 30 must-have applications and tools for usual PC user).

1. Updated eCo Software runtime

Please pay attention to requirements of our software, install needed runtimes first.

* If you have Imagination released in the first part of 2007 and going install new program from eCo Software then ..
* If you have WPFLDREX.DLL released in the first part of 2007 then ..

Then read the instructions --
update the runtime and our software.

2. ACPI sub-system

ACPI is the engine which pushes eComStation ahead today.

Updated ACPI.PSD 2.22 (20070526), APM.ADD, ACPI snooper (download from BETAZONE)
* ACPI supports multicore notebooks/desktops based on VIA chipset now
* ACPI.PSD can't boot if MADT ACPI table absent - fixed
* New switch /St for ACPI.PSD
* Stack is replaced on UNI and SMP now, so /EIS should work better

APM.ADD - Please join the testing of suspend/resume. eComStation is able perform
this operation even on multi-core notebooks! Read ACPI-APM.doc - > 4.0 Usage.

New perspectives make us move the support service to the tracker:
Create ticket, input Title: model of notebook or motherboard or common problem; post the report, attach files. Mention if you have posted reports in the past (we have 2 collections already)

ACPI makes developers create new applications and tools. Please, download new smart and modern Battery Widget.

PIC: Beer battery widget

3. WPS extenders

Piano Launchpad 1.20 brings to eComStation desktop: dynamic drawers, any size of icons, backup/restore, bubble tips, help. Read the review here:
Whatsnew: Fixed some critical bugs; scaling of icons with antialiasing


eSchemes 1.38 (Download from BETAZONE) -- mechanism of desktop schemes (every schemes contains different colors, buttons and other parameters), please apply the schemes designed by professional designers, don't spend time to schemes editing.
What's new:
* Making attempts to complete eSchemes for eCS 2.0
* updated schemes: Technosense, Summer --
* Gallery of eSchemes --

Personal Cards Manager (20070630) --
Address book, integrated to desktop, Whatsnew: Fixed critical bugs

4. Video drivers

Panorama VESA is available from BETAZONE (20070716) --
* fixing Dive
* Improved WPS setup
* To simplify the upgrade of Panorama, you can install warpin package

It's necessary collect at the homepage of Panorama: source code snapshots, libraries for fast drawing of video stream, fullscreen, etc. If you have sources and examples, please contact us. Testing:
* Does Panorama VESA work fine on DBCS systems?
* Test output to external monitor (beamer)
* Test compatibility with multimedia applications, with commercial applications

5. Internet/LAN software

General Network Utilities (20070725) --
Read more about GNU here (many screenshots):
* RUS:
* ENG:
* SWE:
* We fixed all bugs found by new users
* Changed the algorithms of some utilities
* Updating the user interface and artwork

Updated Traffic Visor III 1.01.3 --
(system to analyze IP-traffic)

Updated SVSNET.SYS driver for Serenity Virtual Machine --

6. Multimedia applications

* PNG IO Proc update (20070506), Download from BETAZONE, whatsnew: Fix of libpng warning: Ignoring extra png_read_update_info() call; row buffer not reallocated
* New system audio codec is available - Monkey audio (.ape files), 20070525 --
* T&V HappyPlayer updated (20070729) --

7. USB devices

* Searching information: Does eComStation supports USB Touch screens?
* USB FAQs are updated. Read advices from Robert Lalla, how to increase the performance of reading from USB 2.0 flash disks.

8. Bootable JFS

Updated JFS drivers (20070612), available from BETAZONE, whatsnew:
* Several threads are creating files with equal names
* Fixed 4os2 problem
* enabled symbol "+" in EA
* added /G:gid /U:uid for compatibility with Linux

Support our efforts purchasing JRescuer recovery tool --

9. eCo Software support service

The hardware database contains more than 1190 reports of supported hardware --
You can post new reports or add notes to published.
Now gathering reports about supported Color Laser Printers --

10. Collaboration with other developers

* Doodle released SDL/2 compatible with Panorama VESA --
* If you are using Widescreen activators created by Robert Lalla then please notify him.

11. Additional information:

* Welcome to eCo Software homepage --
* eCo Software runtimes --
* Full pricelist of eCo Software products --
* BETAZONE -- How to download ACPI, Panorama, eSchemes? --
* Previous eCo Software newsletter --


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