WHATSNEW for eComStation 2.0 RC3

마루 0 29,633 2007.11.11 13:37

-=# The Warpstock Europe 2007 release #=-

New Features:

* Panorama VESA videodriver can be selected for installation
* Added AMouse mousedriver as default in the installation (fixes 1561)
* Added cleanup of 'empty' network folders that remain on the desktop
  when no actual network was installed.
* Created wrapper for PCI.EXE to add serial port support detection using
  DMI. (fixes 1253)
* Improved NIC and soundcard detection by using wrapper for PCI.EXE
* Added detection of 22 new NIC chipsets (supporting total of 304
  additional NICs) by GenMac 2.1.110 (experimental)
* New bootlogo and desktopbackground, reflecting "RC3" status

Updated Applications:

* Updated GenMac to "Release Version 2.1 built Oct 23 2007 09:21:13"
* Updated DSSaver to level (eCS internal buildnumber)
* Updated Firewall to 2007/09/03 version
* Updated USBDock to 2007/09/08 release
* Updated Lucide to 1.20
* Updated eWPS to 1.08 (it was supposed to be in earlier verions, but
* Updated DejaVu fonts to version 2.20 (sept. 2007) and added some
  missing fonts from the set. (fixes 1423)

Fixes since the previous beta release:

* Further improved hardware detection, on certain systems network cards
  were not detected, although supporting drivers are shipped
* Many fixes and improvements to the ACPI Wizard (bugfixes: 1638, 1669,
  1601, 1641, 1637, 1649, 1602, 1638)
* Added CPUID.EXE (built by Paul Smedley - Copyright 2003,2004,2005,2006
  by Todd Allen.  All Rights Reserved.) for better detection of SMP
  capabilities by ACPI Wizard.
* Re-enabled USB HID features in installer hardware page. In combination
  with updates to OS2CSM this partly fixes 1212, 1260, 1424.
* Updated WIC.EXE to same level as WarpIn in CID package, added warpin.tmf
  (fixes 1663)
* Multimedia deselection also deselects MultiMedia plugin pack for browser.
  (fixes 1657)
* Updated MPTS Wrapper - now really fixes 1645
* Updated DSSaver, it now will be enabled after installation. (fixes part of
* Updated USBDOCK to let it add the USBRESMG.SYS to the config.sys itself
* Updated list of USB IDs with version of 2007/10/02
* Prevent applying of resource updates to (A)E.EXE (fixes 1438)
* DSSaver: updated WPSSDesk.dll to show correct initial properties notebook
  size. (fixes 1623)
* DSSaver: added sscore.cmd to write an initial sccore.cfg so screensaver
  will work even when not configured at all (i.e. after clean install).
  (fixes 1604)
* Apply SNAP setting for Netware (fixes 1597)
* Updated installation of GenGradd (fixes 1605)

Updated / added drivers:

* Updated ACPI to revision 3.04
* Updated APM to revision 1.19
* Updated Nvidia NDIS (nveth) driver to version 0.0.4
* Updated GenMac 2.1.110 (experimental) to support these additional chipsets:
   3Com 3C90xC   PCI [10B7:9200]
   Rtl 8168 GigaBit [10EC:8168]
   Rtl 8169 GigaBit [10EC:8169]
   Broadcom 10/100 [14E4:170C]
   Broadcom 10/100 [14E4:4100]
   Broadcom 10/100 [14E4:4401]
   Intel 10/100 [8086:1229]
   3Com 3C90xC   PCI [10B7:9201]
   nForce 5 10/100/1000 [10DE:0373]
   Marvell Yukon 88E8052 [11AB:4360]
   Marvell Yukon 88E8050 [11AB:4361]
   Marvell Yukon 88E8055 [11AB:4363]
   Marvell Yukon 88E8056 [11AB:4364]
   Atheros Wlan AR5005g [168C:001A]
   Atheros Wlan CARDBUS [168C:001B]
   Attansic Gigabit [1969:1048]
   Intel 10/100/1000MM [8086:1049]
   Intel 10/100/1000MM [8086:104B]
   Intel 10/100/1000PL [8086:109A]
   Intel 10/100/1000PL [8086:10B9]
   Intel 3945 a/b/g [8086:4227]
   Intel 4965 a/g/n [8086:4229]
   Intel 4965 a/g/n [8086:4230]
   Rtl 8167 GigaBit [10EC:8167]

New features of previous release:

* Netware client can be installed from CD1
* Added 27 NIC devices supported by the Nveth driver
* Improved artwork in installer screens
* Updated 4OS2 to build 3.04g (now build dynamically)
* Updated Firefox to version (with WPS integration)
* Updated Thunderbird to version (with WPS integration)
* Updated Dani IDE drivers from 1.7.10 to 1.8.1a
* Updated kLibc to latest version 0.6.3
* Updated UniClip to version 0.3.0
* Added ACPI Wizard that will detect system features and can be used to
  install ACPI and kernel options
* Updated DANI tools to 1.8.1 level
* Updated DANIS506.DOC to 1.8.1
* added ACPI package 3.01, can be manually selected or disabled in preboot menu
* Updated ACPI and APM support to 16/08/2007 version
* added Nveth driver to support nvidia (nforce) nics
* Updated Realtek 8139 driver to version 2005.12.05 which functions properly
  with ACPI
* Updated UniAud audiodriver to 1.1.4RC3 release
* Added TZ update for Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition - US DST timezone tool
* Split up netlabs (kLIBC) and innotek (Odin Runtime) libraries, are now
  installed with WarpIn
* Added support for the eComStation Installation Framework. Will always be
  installed. (XULrunner)
* Added logic to load TESTCFG2.SYS when ACPI is selected, prevents hangs
  on certain configurations
* Added english helpfile to accomodate checkdisk help button
* Updated USBDock to 20070504 release
* Updated WarpIn to version 1.0.15
* New versions of UPDTBMGR, MINILVM
* Updated ZIP to 2.32
* Replaced outdated ArcView 1.2 helpfile with the one of ArcView 2.0
* Updated eWorkPlace to 1.0.8
* Updated UniClip 0.2.2
* Updated Cairo to 1.2.4 and DSSaver to 1.7.5
* Updated firewall utility to version 1.2.4
* Updated NewView to 2.19
* Updated NewView en_us helpfile to 2.19
* Added 47 NIC devices to the hw detect engine, like nForce and Broadcom
  (mainly GenMac)
* UDF 2.16
* IBM APAR PJ30964 (UDF.IFS update)
* IBM1S506.ADD 10.161 (was 10.152)
* Intel SpeedStep(R) (APM) 10.163 (was 10.156)
* IBM Single Mouse driver 10.163 (was 10.152)
* KBDBASE.SYS to 10.070 (was 10.056)
* Updated IBM1S506.ADD to 10.161
* Updated OS2CDROM.DMD to 10.163
* Lucide document viewer (Lucide GA release)
* Added LxLite 1.3.3 to the distribution since resmgr uses it
* added bzip2 to \ecs\bin
* Security/2 added (optional from 'experimental features' in advanced
* Added 4OS/2 to Additional Software
* Added 4OS/2 prompt shadows to Command Prompts folders
* Added Genmac 2.00 with support for 34 NIC chipsets, including many
* Added Wireless LAN monitor 3.00, will be installed when appropriate
  hardware is detected or selected.
* Added Faxworks to CD1, it was on CD2 previously
* Added Psi/2 Instant messaging application
* Added Samba Client for eComStation. Right now without configuration GUI
* Added OpenSSH Client for eComStation.
* Added preinstall harddisk integrity check, can be skipped now from preboot
* Updated TZ settings for locale page to conform to new rules. More info at:
* Added USBDock as a replacement of the USB resource manager
* Added UniClip 0.2.1 to base installation, required by OpenOffice.org 2.0.4
* eClock is no longer an install option
* Added kLIBC coreutils
* All libc versions and utils are in WPI packages now
* Added MyIP by Alex Taylor to Baseutil
* Added files to support reversing SMP installation (used by "Post
  Installation Tasks" wizard)
* modified desktop scheme
* Scitech SNAP to 3.1.8
* Update realtek 1 gigabit driver
* Added Broadcom 1 gigabit driver
* Updated Uniaud to build RC2
  - Latest code for sblive cards
  - HDA works for DART (still buggy)
  - APM fixes
* Genmac adds support for the following NIC chipsets:
   3Com/SKNet Gigabit [10B7:1700]
   3Com/SKNet Gigabit [1148:4320]
   3Com/SKNet Gigabit [11AB:4320]
   3Com/SKNet Gigabit [11AB:4362]
   ASUS Wlan RT2400 [1814:0101]
   Atheros Wlan [168C:0012]
   Atheros Wlan [168C:0013]
   Atheros Wlan [168C:1014]
   Broadcom A/B/G [14E4:4324]
   Broadcom B/G [14E4:4318]
   Broadcom B/G [14E4:4320]
   Broadcom Gigabit [14E4:1654]
   Broadcom Gigabit [14E4:165D]
   Broadcom Gigabit [14E4:1677]
   Broadcom Gigabit [14E4:167D]
   CISCO mPCI [14B9:A504]
   Dlink DWL-520+ [104C:8400]
   Dlink DWL-G520+ [104C:9066]
   GN-WI01GS RT61 [1814:0301]
   GN-WI01GS RT61 [1814:0302]
   GN-WI01GS RT61 [1814:0401]
   Intel 10/100/1000 [8086:101E]
   Intel 10/100/1000 [8086:1076]
   Intel 10/100/1000 [8086:109A]
   Intel 2100 Wlan [8086:1043]
   Intel 2200 Wlan [8086:4220]
   Intel 2915 a/b/g [8086:4223]
   Intel 2915 a/b/g [8086:4224]
   Intel 3945 a/b/g [8086:4222]
   Marvel 802.11 b/g [11AB:1FA6]
   Marvel 802.11 b/g [11AB:1FA7]
   Rtl 8180 Wlan [10EC:8180]
   nForce 2 10/100 [10DE:0066]
   nForce 3 10/100 [10DE:00D6]
   nForce 4 10/100/1000 [10DE:0057]

Fixes and updates of previous beta releases:

* Minstpm fixes in hardwaredetection, use of paths with spaces (fixes bugs
  1227, 1254, 1338, 1378, 1461)
* Faxworks installation now done by means of WPI package
* Added MPTS wrapper script, will fix the HELPERW issue (fixes bugs 1455
  and 1555)
* Changed default installation from INSTDRV to EMXDRV (fixes bug 1557)
* Added EMXDRV variable for EMX installation XCD (fixes bug 1557)
* Updated MPTS wrapper to function with 4OS2
* Fixed ecsshell.exe to function properly when called with new config.sys
  settings of CD boot
* Fixed ACPI Wizard to not duplicate TESTCFG2.SYS entries in config.sys
* Do not sort config.sys if Netware is installed, sorting causes trouble
* Removed obsolete scripts PREPDLG.CMD and DIALOG.CMD
* Resolved problem of double GENMW32 drivers in config.sys (MPTS installs
  it in Phase 2)
* Fixed Advanced button on SNAP page (fixes bug 1249, 1541)
* No SNAP folder is created (fixes bug 1249, 1541)
* Dialog enhancements are no longer applied when disabled (fixes bug 1585)
* Easy install path did not install Thunderbird (fixes bug 1589) and Flash 5
  plugin (fixes bug 1588)
* Easy install path installed non-existant Acrobat Reader 4 (fixes bug 1590)
* Fixed: GenGradd installation could fail in phase 1.
* Now installation on a multiple CD configuration should work (fixes bug
  1476, 1510)
* Updated PMMERGE.DLL and symbol files to 14.106 (APAR PJ31908)
* IBM APAR PJ31319 (SYS3184 in PMCTLS.DLL)
* IBM APAR PJ30811 (Trap in FTPD)
* IBM APAR PJ30821 (Error in TELNET)
* Updated syslevel.bdd to bdd fp3
* Fix modal problem of status window of PMFormat (in installer)
* Some applications (EPM amongst others) weren't installed in Beta 4
* 'Advanced' button in Screen properties notebook now works
* Opteron CPU now supported in SMP mode
* 4OS2 windows now open a new session, defaults to root of bootdrive
* Improved layout and wording of Preboot Disk Integrity check messages
* Fixed GenMac NIF parsing by installer, fixes the PROTOCOL.INI errors
* Applied Bootable JFS fix (20070104fix)
* various fixes to eStyler installation (especially shutdown options)
* Selecting VGA in preboot menu actually selects proper settings during
  further installation
* Fixed GENGRADD installation
* Changed behaviour of ACPI/APM to prevent failing suspend mode
* Changed Danish locale to non-EURO
* Split up Thunderbird & Firefox, no longer required to be installed together
* Disabled installation of USBRESMG.SYS by Tame
* Shuffled packages in the package selection page of the installer, in an
  attempt to make it a bit more logical. Also, tried to shorten the lists.
* Changed Daylight Savings to 'Daylight Saving'
* Updated MINSTPM to accept eCS 2.0 install CD
* Updated NETWORK.EXE to accept eCS 2.0 install CD
* Added 'set tmpdir' variable to config.sys
* Changed final SGUIDE to not show EscapeGL anymore and to change the
  default DHCP timeout to 0 sec.
* replaced DOSCALL1.DLL with patched version that will first look for
  messages in msgfile, then in embedded msg, instead of the (incorrect
  default) other way around
* applied PJ31116 - fixed WPCONFIG.DLL to accomodate comet cursor +
  suspend (official APAR from IBM, now bld 14.105)
* applied pj31068 - fix for more than 1024 printer in prdesc.lst
* Binary fix to MPG.DLL number 2 by Sebastiaan Wittmeier. Fixes chipmunk
  audio playback.
* Applied Yuri Proniakins patches to install ewps properly
* Added WarpIN components needed for creation of eWPS WarpIN package
* Fixed eWPS ACPI dependency
* removed 'illegal' schemes from eSchemes WPI package 1.27
* Java 142: Added missing path for the font registration (fixes bug 1165)
* Bugfixes to ECSGUI packages and ESTYLER.
* Wording improvements in installer.
* Minor adjustments to desktop layout.
* cleaned up reseller section and added link to eCSoft/2 in URL folder
* Changed VIRTUALADDRESSLIMIT to 1536 (seems a popular compromise value)
* Changed default DHCP timeout to 0.
* SSES.SYS now uses /q (quiet) parameter when installed.
* Changed some logfile names (FFOX, TBIRD, SSES) so they fit 8.3 characters.
* Removed 'MOZILLA' from default Thunderbird & Firefox path in installer GUI.
* Improved some more wordings in the English packages list and message file.
* TCPCFG fix for Java 1.4 (CFG2NATV) is now always installed.
* Various updates to eStyler so it actually works now (mostly).  The shutdown
  properties notebook is broken, though.
* Applied fixes in ECSGUI.CMD.
* Updated SigmaMD5 to version 1.53
* Updated 4OS2 to version 3.04b
* Updated Newview to v2.18.1
* Updated Tame/2 scanning application to 1.05 (to be selected in Bonus
* Upgraded Archive Viewer to v2.0
* Updated Minilvm to 2.20 with resize feature
* Updated resmgr to the version posted by Chuck McKinnis dd 20060614
  at http://www.7cities.net/~mckinnis/code/resmgr.zip
* Updated Doodle's screensaver to 1.7, added SlideShow module
* Memdisk and OS2CSM to 20061030 build
* Updated firewall to latest available version in Generic Network Utilities
* Updated Java Runtime to 1.4.2_09
* Updated eWorkPlace to 1.0.7, enabled these features:
  - Extended sorting
  - xShutDown
  - SortOrder
  - FoldersFirst
  - eComStation Kernel object
  - improved traywidget icon

아직은 RC입니다.


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