Proposed components of eComStation 2.1 and beyond:

마루 2 15,553 2008.06.17 09:49
ACPI updates: the ACPI project will be enhanced and an updated release will be included
in a newer release of eComStation.

CUPS: provides a portable printing layer for UNIX-based operating systems. It is
developed and maintained by Easy Software Products to promote a standard printing
solution and is the standard printing system in MacOS X and most Linux distributions.
It supports hundreds of modern printers.

Samba Server support: enables the utilization of your eComStation machine as a
(cost-efficient) file-server for your SOHO network.

OpenLDAP: OpenLDAP enables you to authenticate your eComStation workstation against a
Windows 2003 Active Directory server, as well as Novell or Linux networks. It is an open
source suite of LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) applications and development
tools. The eComStation implementation will feature a convenient WPS configuration frontend.

아직 2.0도 안 나온 판국이긴 하지만 OpenLDAP도 지원한다 하니 희소식이긴 하네요.


悟空 2008.06.17 11:59
2.0이나 빨리 나왔으면 ㅠㅠ..
마루 2008.06.17 12:06
내 말이... ㅠ.ㅠ
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