Stable release 9.1 of newLISP/2 Stable release 9.1 of newLISP/2

February 22, 2007 by Mark Dodel

newLISP is a LISP scripting language for developing web applications and
programs in general and in the domains of artificial intelligence (AI) and
statistics. Official newLISP site is

OS/2 port page:

Release notes:


Runs on: > Warp4, eComstation, Linux, Solaris, Tru64, Windows
Requires: libc061

Hobbes download:
or the Developers site: 

LISP 쓰시는 분 있나 모르겠네요.  


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  • 오늘 방문자 772 명
  • 어제 방문자 1,432 명
  • 최대 방문자 4,250 명
  • 전체 방문자 1,194,652 명
  • 전체 게시물 2,513 개
  • 전체 댓글수 4,077 개
  • 전체 회원수 58 명

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