FM/2 3.12 Released

마루 0 15,823 2008.08.17 12:18 FM/2 3.12 Released

July 22, 2008 by Gregg Young

++ From the VOICE OS/2-eCS News Service ++

From: Gregg Young

I have just uploaded FM/2 3.11 to
(moving to )
and to hobbes
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FM/2 3.12 Fixes a bug introduced in 3.11 (trap when viewing multiple files
from an archive at the same time). It also adds Open Default, Open Settings
and via an accel key ctrl + l Open Multimedia (using FM2play.exe) to the
archive viewer. FM/2 now uses the system TMP/TEMP directory for it
temporary files and cleans up after a crash on the next restart. FM/2
creates a subdirectory of the pattern $FM2*.*. The settings notebook can
now be closed using esc, F3 or enter; the last 2 save any changes that have
been made. You can now select which environment variables to show when
using show the environment in the drive tree. Just add or remove from the
list on the "Tree" page of the notebook. It defaults initially to the
current list. You can now save/append either a full pathname or just a
filename or a list of either to the clipboard. We have changed the wording
in the menus to make this easier to find. We fixed a few other minor issues
see the history for more details.


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