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OS/2 and eComStation are alive as long as people are using and improving the system. The developers of solutions ensure long life for our operating system because computers with OS/2 make money for their customers year by year. The developers bring new industrial technologies to OS/2, sustain support services, and enrich OS/2 with unique features to keep their solutions competitive.

Since 2002, has been hosting the Solutions list. Its primary goal is to demonstrate the broad range of professional areas where OS/2 and eComStation are used. Recent updates on the solutions homepage include:

    * A link to the eComStation web site "Prolong the life of your OS/2-based ATM fleet with eComStation" (
    * A reference to Touchvoice Corp (CTI, Computer Telephony Integration)
    * A reference to Massimo's web-server solution
    * The new "Customers" page

If your company is using 2 or more licenses of eCS, please make an effort to post some information about it here (name, web site, comments).

Help us enumerate the areas of usage for: "eComStation - universal system" by submitting a short success story or case study. Here are some reasons why:

    * You should do this to protect your investments into OS/2 or eComStation.
    * OS/2 and eCS users are located in different countries and cities. They will read the story simply because of the word "OS/2" in it and spread the information about your company and products among their network.
    * The operating system developers will get information about your requirements and improve the system to cope with them.
    * Your story gives stimulus to thousands of users, developers, and companies.
    * It's easy: Everything can be derived from a usual product flyer.

Here is what you can do:

    * Businessmen: Publish new stories for the solutions page.
    * Tech specialist: Write a story about eComStation in your company.
    * Developers: Join the development of the Point-Of-Sale toolkit.
    * OS/2 fans: Support the development of libraries for solutions via the DevCon project ( -> Budget).

You can submit your material in German, Dutch, or English.

How to write a story?

    * Take the flyer of your product,
    * add an introduction,
    * add one or two paragraphs about the advantages of using OS/2,
    * add 2 advertisement photos/screenshots,
    * add 2 screenshots of back-end demonstrating the usage of OS/2, and
    * use our web form to send your contact information.


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