e-ball Awards 2009

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November 07, 2009 by admin

This competition is aimed at promoting new projects,
support beginning developers and animating the life of the community.

The users submitted many nominations, for an overview with links,
dsecription and screenshots please visit:


Now the time has come to select winners, please cast your votes at
the eComStation website:


The voting booth will close at november 13, the winners will be
announced at Warpstock Europe 2009.


    * Best eComStation Application
    * Best WorkPlace Shell Application
    * Best eComStation Utility
    * Best eComStation Driver
    * Best eComStation Developer Tool
    * Best eComStation Game
    * Best eComStation tool for engineer/student
    * Best eComStation web-site

Please notify other OS/2 and eComStation users about the voting,
every voice is important!

[This is a joint program of eCo Software and Mensys BV intended to
promote the use of eComStation]


  • 현재 접속자 74 명
  • 오늘 방문자 177 명
  • 어제 방문자 1,455 명
  • 최대 방문자 4,250 명
  • 전체 방문자 1,866,542 명
  • 전체 게시물 2,893 개
  • 전체 댓글수 4,477 개
  • 전체 회원수 91 명

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