Available language packages

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Available language packages


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Supported OS version: eComStation 2.1 English

  • ecs21_cd1_en_us.iso -- 729,917,440 bytes, 2011/05/12
  • md5 sum: E4A660077A9E30F66619772AEACCCF94 ecs21_cd1_en_us.iso

lip_80px.pngRussian language pack

Current state:

Status: it is available for eComStation/Rus customers.

Initial stage of translation

lip_a_80px.pngSpanish language pack

Current state: 1% [×ooooooooo]

Status: FREE

lip_b_80px.pngSwedish language pack

Current state: 1% [×ooooooooo]

Status: FREE

lip_b_80px.pngNorwegian language pack

Current state: 1% [×ooooooooo]

Status: FREE

lip_b_80px.pngCzech language pack

Current state: 1% [×ooooooooo]

Status: FREE

Comming soon..

lip_b_80px.pngEnglish language pack

Current state: 100%

Status: for eComStation subscribers 
(because contains all latest files)

lip_b_80px.pngFench language pack
lip_b_80px.pngItalian language pack

Also.. (waiting for confirmation)

lip_b_80px.pngGerman language pack
lip_b_80px.pngFinnish language pack
lip_b_80px.pngDannish language pack
lip_b_80px.pngDutch language pack
lip_b_80px.pngKorean language pack



Eugen Gorbunoff 가 한국어 팩도 붙여주겠다고 이메일 왔습니다.

작업 들어갈 예정입니다.


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