eComStation and OS/2 Warp news, 2012/04

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Do you plan to use eComStation in the next 3 years?
You should invest some resources and make extra efforts
to protect your investments.

1) IBM OS/2 celebrates 25 years!

2) Switch the User Interface of eComStation to your native language:
* German FULL - ready but, not available
* Japanese FULL - 80%, not available
* Simple LIP packs (1%): Spanish, Korean, Polish, Swedish,
     Norwegian, Czech, French, Italian
* Waiting for: Finnish, Danish, Dutch, Taiwanese, Traditional chinese

3) Support 1$-apps development! and shareware developers:
New programs:
* NEW DISK UTILITY is under construction, you can buy it today for $20
* CalcPad --
* Backup GUI --
* Please support PMMaps/2 and tell us how to make GPS USB receiver
    to generate data (via COM port) --
* Buy DVD/CD Toys + Backup GUI and we return 5 EURO
    to your virtual eCo Market account.

4) Please use eCo Market (
to download the most popular applications and utilities.
It's easy to select and install the applications (re-packed to WarpIn).
We need additional xxxx EURO to continue the development of eCo Market.

5) Do you want influence on eComStation development?
Invest into the development of this useful libraries:
PM controls, additional Dos* functions, ..


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