QVim Editor for eCS

마루 4 26,959 2013.06.13 20:36

We ported the current version of the Vim editor to eCS. And therefor it's a little bit more pretty, we have given it a nice QT gui. 


You can download and buy it via the following link:




If you have any kind of trouble with this software, then please don?€™t hesitate and open a ticket via:



Kind regards,

your avEnter team


  • www.aventer.biz/90-0-eCS.html



Peter Yoo 2013.06.16 01:31

저는 QT GUI가 영 취향이 아니라.. ㅎㅎㅎ

마루 2013.06.17 16:34

QT가 좀 무겁지 않나요? 

Peter Yoo 2013.06.21 10:05

사실 요즘 PC성능이라면 크게 문제될만한건 아니죠 ㅎㅎㅎ

마루 2013.06.24 19:07

제가 옛날껄 쓰고 있어서요...  

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