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1) OS/2 Guru Jam Session conference is coming! (irc chat conference)
http://os2.guru   (July 25 and 26)

Main topics for the conference:
* What are the areas of OS/2 usage today and in the future
* How to link OS/2 with mobile devices
* What applications to develop for OS/2

See also:
* Warpstock 2014 (USA) -- http://warpstock.org
* Warpstock Europe 2014 is planned, no details
* Previous conferences: http://ecomstation.ru/conferences

Your participation: Do you have questions to OS/2 companies? We are collecting
and forward all questions to the developers and companies.
Do you have a review of OS/2 apps, OS/2 technologies? Let's publish the texts.

2) eCo Software repacked system components to 2 subscriptions:
* Essentials - http://ecomstation.ru/essentials      + Fixpak for eCS 2.x
* NeoWPS - http://ecomstation.ru/neowps

The subscription is actual during 12 monthes
(the applications installed during this term continue to work forever)

Prices: Essentials -- $20 / NeoWPS -- $20

3) Hardware support news:

Wow! Significant updates:
* eCS gets support for GPS receivers
    PMMaps -- http://ecomstation.ru/commentnews.php?id=2352
* You can use USB Audio in eCS now! The driver was updated significantly
* Web-cameras support is improved --

4) eCo Software have created excellent must-have apps for OS/2 users!
* Zippy - similar to WinRAR
* DVD/CD Toys - similar to Nero
* PM123 audio player updates - Winamp
* Backup GUI -- http://ecomstation.ru/backup

As you can see, eCS can perform general tasks!

5) Share your experience, How do you use eComStation?

6) How to switch eCS to other language?
We have created LIP packs (part of Essentials)

7) To develop PM applications, use Glass PM C++ library
To keep data in local database, use sqlite library

Other OS/2 news:
*) Firefox 24 was updated --
*) We expect that OpenOffice.org, Flash player, CUPS and other
components will be updated


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