OpenSSH for OS/2

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OpenSSH for OS/2

I've bundled the OpenSSH 5.3p1 OS/2 binaries as installable WarpIN packages. Download the WPI files that you need (only the first is required to use the ssh client; the others are used by the server, sshd). Place them in the same directory and openopenssh-5_3p1.wpi with WarpIN.

These OpenSSH binaries were ported to OS/2 by nickk.


openssh-5_3p1.wpiOpenSSH for OS/2
ssesinst.wpiSecurity/2 (required to run the OpenSSH server).
tnpipe.wpiTNPIPE login shell wrapper for sshd
vioroute.wpiVioRoute login shell wrapper for sshd

(View the file directory for older versions)


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