XWP (XWorkplace) v1.0.15 GA

 I'm pleased to announce XWP v1.0.15 ga. This is a bug-fix release for both the 'Full' and 'Lite' versions with each available in 7 NLS editions (de en es it ja nl ru).


 Updates and Bugfixes:

  • Properties notebooks
    • XFolder: prevent doubled entries in the Background page's File dropdown
    • WPPgm/WPPgmFile: prevent Esc from dismissing the Language tab dialog
    • OS/2 Kernel: fix spurious error parsing ibm1s506.add commandline
  • XCenter widgets
    • Pulse widget: fix spurious 100% CPU usage after a WPS restart
    • WinList widget: refactor/simplify button positioning and drawing
  • Menus
    • XTrash: ensure the OpenAs default is correct
    • Xview: display correct whitespace menus for root folders
  • Startup and Shutdown
    • XStartup: restart automatically after fixing the order of class-replacements
    • XShutdown: add "XWP_ACPIDELAY=xxx" environment variable to change the default shutdown delay of 250ms
  • NLS: NLS-enable strings in Font Folder, the OS/2 Kernel object, and in a folder's Details dialog

Until the files have been cataloged, they should all be available from /pub/incoming. Thereafter, use these links to access all NLS editions:

N.B. The ArcaOS version of this release is anxwp-20220224-??.wpi. Contact Arca Noae for availability.


Source: Rich Walsh


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