How to Make Xfce Look Better | Ver. 2.0

The XFCE is one of the lightweight desktop environments for X Windows systems. This desktop environment can run on low CPU resources while giving the best performance. It is also preferred due to its simplicity and ease of use. This video will share the ways that will help you How to customize your Xfce Desktop to look better. This customizes uses Endeavour OS with Xfce 4.16 series. You can apply this customize on most popular linux distributions with Xfce desktop 4.16 as the default desktop, such as Manjaro Linux Xfce Edition, Arch Linux with Xfce desktop, Debian with Xfce Desktop, Gentoo with Xfce Desktop, Feren OS Xfce Edition, Fedora Spin Xfce edition and OpenSUSE Leap With Xfce edition, MX Linux Xfce edition, Arco Linux Xfce edition, Linux Mint Xfce Edition. DOWNLOAD RESOURCE FILE: ================================== Download Whiskermenu Transparent Mode dark/light: CHAPTERS OF THIS VIDEO ================================== 00:00 - Intro 00:10 - Final Result 01:44 - Initial Setup 03:54 - Install Theme and Icon packs, Font and Cursors 07:34 - Apply Theme and Icon packs, Font and Cursors 09:41 - Install and Configure Ulauncher 11:44 - Configure Xfce4-panel 15:42 - Install and Configure Conky Lua 19:01 - Install and Configure Glava 20:51 - Install and Configure Picom ================================== More About Customizing Linux Desktop ================================== ⏯️ KDE Plasma Customization ⏯️ GNOME Shell Customization ⏯️ Xfce Desktop Customization ⏯️ Cinnamon Desktop Customization ================================== STAY connected to our Social Media: ================================== Telegram: Facebook: Tumblr: Instagram: Twitter: Pinterest: ???? Business inquiry: 


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