WebServe web server 2.4

WebServe web server 2.4

The WebServe web server 2.4 is available for download:

"WebServe is an http daemon for OS/2 - or, if you like, a WWW server. It is not the only available web server, but this one aims to be a lightweight server. It implements the basic server functions, but tries not to overload the software with too many bells and whistles.

This program is free, and source code is included.

The features of WebServe include

  • Multiple domains can be hosted.
  • CGI applications can be anything that is executable from an OS/2 command shell: Rexx scripts, Perl scripts, *.exe files, and so on.
  • The "server-side include" feature supports the #include and #exec directives, although "#exec cmd" has been disabled on safety grounds.
  • Several different logging options are supported.
  • Remote configuration is supported. That is, you can run the server on one computer but control its properties and options from a different computer."

Developed by Peter Moylan

Source: eCSoft/2


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