NetDrive 3.1.5 for OS/2(R) and eComStation

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NetDrive 3.1.5 for OS/2(R)

  Installation README


  15 July 2016

  Release Version

This document contains important information on installing 

NetDrive for OS/2.

Please read 'Hardware and Software Requirements' and 

'Installation Instructions' before installing.

Registered customers please read paragraph 5.2


1.0 What is NetDrive for OS/2?

2.0 Hardware and Software Requirements

3.0 Installation Instructions

 3.1 Installation Program

 3.2 Manual Installation

 3.3 Manual Upgrade

4.0 Contact Information

5.0 Notices

 5.1 Shareware Notice

 5.2 Information for registered customers

 5.3 Safety Notice

6.0 License Agreement

1.0 What is NetDrive for OS/2?

NetDrive for OS/2 allows you to access various resources, such as a 

ftp site, a local directory or a network resource, via a regular drive


NetDrive for OS/2 supports external plugins for different types of 


The version 3.x of NetDrive for OS/2 supports large files (greater

than 2 gigabytes), has performance improvements and enhanced user


The new version requires a recent version of OS/2 because of

large files support. If you need to use NetDrive for OS/2 on

a system that does not support large files, then please use

a 2.x version of NetDrive for OS/2.

2.0 Hardware and Software Requirements

To install and use NetDrive for OS/2, your workstation needs at least:

o A 486 microprocessor

o 32 MB of RAM

o 600 KB free hard disk space

o A connection to the Internet (modem, ISDN, or LAN) for FTP feature

NetDrive for OS/2 works with the following operating system versions:

o OS/2 Warp 4 FixPack 13

o OS/2 Warp Server for e-business

o OS/2 Warp 4 Convenience Package (MCP)

o OS/2 Warp Server for e-business Convenience Package (ACP)

o eComStation

NOTE: earlier operating system versions will not be able to load

the file system driver (NDFS32.IFS). For these versions please use

NetDrive for OS/2 2.x.

3.0 Installation Instructions

NOTE: If you have NetDrive for OS/2 already installed, then please save 

your virtual volumes configuration before installing the new version.

You can reload saved configuration after installation.

3.1 Installation Program

Change to the directory which you have unpacked to.

Run the ndinst.exe file to install NetDrive for OS/2. Please follow the 

instructions on the screen.

The installation program will find a previous installation of NetDrive 

for OS/2 and you can update the old version. The old configuration

will be migrated.

The installation program will unpack NetDrive for OS/2 files to 

the specified directory, edit CONFIG.SYS PATH and LIBPATH statements

and add statements to load file system driver (NDFS32.IFS) and

the control program (NDCTL.EXE). A backup copy of CONFIG.SYS 

will be saved as CONFIG.ND.

3.2 Manual Installation

a) Create a directory where NetDrive for OS/2 will be installed

(e.g. C:\NDFS):

  mkdir C:\NDFS

b) Copy the package file ndfs.@ to the directory:

  copy ndfs.@ C:\NDFS

c) Change to the directory:

  cd C:\NDFS

d) Unpack NetDrive files:

  unpack2 ndfs.@ /C

e) Delete the package file from the directory:

  del ndfs.@

f) Add the following lines to the CONFIG.SYS:




 Add C:\NDFS to LIBPATH and SET PATH statements.

g) Reboot the system to apply these CONFIG.SYS changes.

NetDrive for OS/2 can be used now.

3.3 Manual Upgrade

If you have a version of NetDrive for OS/2 installed then

in order to install new version you have to proceed with the 

following steps:

a) Remove the following line from CONFIG.SYS:


 REM out the following lines in CONFIG.SYS:



 Now these lines must look as follows:  



 Please note that you'll not find NDFS32.IFS, if 

 NetDrive for OS/2 version you have already installed,

 is older than 3.0.

b) Reboot the system

c) Replace old NetDrive's files with new ones, as described

 in section 3.2 steps b) to e).

d) Restore lines in config.sys:



 Please note that if you have not found NDFS32.IFS line

 on step a), then add the line to CONFIG.SYS:


e) Reboot the system

4.0 Contact Information




5.0 Notices

5.1 Shareware Notice

NetDrive for OS/2 is a shareware program, which means that you try

the product before you buy it.

You may use NetDrive for OS/2 for a 1 month trial period which begins

the day of installation. Please read License Agreement for details.

When the evaluation period will end, NetDrive for OS/2 will not allow to

write to resources.

NetDrive for OS/2 registration will give you an unique registration key

and some instructions on how to use it. The key will enable write access

to resources and is a proof that you are a registered customer.

For registration information, please refer to the on-line documentation


Please support the try-before-buy concept by ordering this software.

5.2 Information for registered customers

NetDrive for OS/2 version 3.0, including the FTP plugin, is a free upgrade

for registered customers who purchased version 2.2.2 released in September


For registered customers with earlier versions there is a $7.00 upgrade fee.

If you have version 2.2.2 and wish to upgrade to version 3.0 contact us via

email at and supply your NetDrive for OS/2 serial number

and the name that NetDrive for OS/2 was registered in. Please note that

your old serial number will no longer work with version 3.0 or higher.

When you install NetDrive for OS/2 version 3.0 it will work in evaluation

mode for 1 month. Please note that during the evaluation period NetDrive for

OS/2 will have full functionality.

5.3 Safety Notice

Safe computing means backing up all data before installing any program, 

including this one. Be sensible and take a few precautions and you might

save yourself from potential problems.

6.0 License agreement

The use of NetDrive for OS/2 is subject to the following terms and 


If you have not registered NetDrive for OS/2 yet, the copy of 

NetDrive for OS/2 that you have is distributed as shareware.

You may use it for a 1 month trial period, as long as you agree 

to the provisions of this license agreement.

Trial period

During the 1 month trial period, which begins the day of

installation, you can use NetDrive for OS/2 without any 

limitations. You can purchase NetDrive for OS/2 and

so register it at anytime during the period.

End of trial period

At the end of trial period you have either purchase 

NetDrive for OS/2 or uninstall it from your system.

If you continue to use NetDrive for OS/2 beyond 

the 1 month trial period, you are obligated to register it.

If for any reason you find that NetDrive for OS/2

is not right for you, just uninstall the program.

Registered version

When you register NetDrive for OS/2, you will convert it to 

the full, non-shareware, registered version. You may NOT 

distribute the registered version.

You may copy it onto a computer to be used and you may make 

archival copies of it for the sole purpose of backing up the 

software and protecting your investment from loss.

You may threat your registered version just like a book.

This means that the registered version may be used by any number

of people, and may be freely moved from one computer location

to another, so long as there is NO POSSIBILITY of it being used

at one location or on one computer while it is being used

at another.

Just like a book cannot be read by two different people in two

different places at one time, neither can the registered version

of NetDrive for OS/2 be used by two different people in two 

different places at the same time (unless, of course, 

the license is being violated).

Using free plugins

Some of third party NetDrive for OS/2 plugins are free of charge.

Use of these plugins does not imply free use of NetDrive for OS/2

itself. Free plugins may be used either with registered version

of NetDrive for OS/2 or with unregistered version during the

Trial period.

NetDrive for OS/2 can be thought of as an operating system

which runs plugins-applications. For example, there are a lot

of nice free software for OS/2 but one still need an OS/2 license

to use OS/2 with these applications.


        BMT Micro, Inc. does not warrant that

NetDrive for OS/2 will meet your requirements, that operation 

of NetDrive for OS/2 will be uninterrupted or error-free, or that all

NetDrive for OS/2 errors will be corrected. The aforementioned parties

are not responsible for problems caused by changes in the operating

characteristics of computer hardware or computer operating systems

that are made after the release of NetDrive for OS/2 nor for problems

in the interaction of NetDrive for OS/2 with other software.

The aforementioned parties have no responsibility to replace

or refund the fee of and media or license damaged by accident, 

abuse or misapplication.


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